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Back Water Bass Association
Four bass tournaments in the Ottawa area. Contact backwaterbass@hotmail.com, Darell McCorriston at 819-647-2024, or visit www.backwaterbass.homestead.com/start.html

Bass Anglers Association (B.A.A.) is located in the Ottawa region
5 one day events plus a 2 day year end event. For more information please visit our website at www.bassanglersassociation.com or you can contact us at baaexecutive@rogers.com or by calling Lorenzo Di Loreto at ( 613 ) 591-3972.

Bass Anglers of Ottawa Tournament Series
Five one-day bass tournaments qualifying for a two-day championship. Contact baoo@canadianangler.ca or visit www.baoo.canadianangler.ca

Bassmasters Ontario BASS Federation
Consists of 28 Bassmaster Chapters, each holding its own tournaments to qualify for the BASS Federation Qualifier. Top anglers proceed to northern divisionals, nationals, and finally the Bassmaster Classic, dubbed the World Championship of bass fishing. Contact president@ontariobass.com, Ken Hamilton at 905-822-8444, or go to www.ontariobass.com

Canadian Fishing Tour
Consists of the South Western Ontario Bass Association, Eastern Ontario Bass Association, and Central Divisions holding individual, team, and Pro/Am bass tournaments in the Windsor to Ottawa areas, as well as provincial and national championships. Contact taylor@canadianfishingtour.com, phone 877-347-4238, or visit www.canadianfishingtour.com

Competitive Sport Fishing League
A bass-tournament series including Pro Bass Tour, Bassmania Tournament Trail, BM 100's, and the Walleye Tour Championship and other combination bass/walleye, walleye, pike, and crappie events. Contact Bassmania@on.aibn. com, phone Andy Pallotta at 905-640-2277, or go to www.csfl.ca

Central Lake Ontario Sport Anglers
An eastern Lake Ontario organization hosting derbies for salmon, walleye, and rainbow trout. Contact billross99@sympatico.ca, phone 613-394-3934.

Essex County Bass Anglers
Holds seven bass tournaments on Lake St Clair. Contact: ecba_too@yahoo.ca, phone Bruce Thompson at 519-256-5660, or go to www.essexcountybassanglers.com

Grenville Fish and Game Club
Holds live-release bass tournaments, as well as pike, perch, and carp events. Contact 644920@ican.net, phone Mac Peterson at 613-925-4545, or visit www.grenvillefish-andgame.com

Kids, Cops, and Canadian Tire
A programme of Fishing Forever (www.fishingforever.ca) aligning Bob Izumi, Canadian Tire Corporation, and the Police Association of Ontario to encourage youngsters under 16 to fish. Contact cpurvis@izumioutdoors.com or fdelsey@izumioutdoors.com, phone 905-632-8679, or go to www.fishingforever.ca/kcct

Long Point Bay Anglers Association
Involved in bass and pike tournaments on Lake Erie and a season-long big-fish derby. For bass info, e-mail haulinbass@execulink.com or phone Dean Franklin at 519-874-4635. For pike info, phone Chris Corbett at 905-567-9934 or visit www.longpoint.on.ca/lpbaa

Millennium Cup Tour
One- and two-day bass tournaments in the Hamiliton/Waterloo area. Contact entry@millenniumcuptour.com, phone 905-547-3474, or visit www.millenniumcuptour.com

Northern Ontario Pro Walleye Trail
Five two-day team tournaments. Contact ayotte@nt.net, phone Marc Laurin at 705-362-4998, or go to www.NT.NET/ hearstfishhunt

North Eastern Ontario Bass Association
Holds a series of bass and pike tournaments. Contact jpatry96@sympatico.ca, phone Audie Greenwood at 888-875-8883 or visit www.neoba.org

Ontario Chinese Anglers Association
Holds walleye, bass, and combination walleye/bass, crappie/perch tournaments, and a year-end championship event on Rice Lake. Contact raymond.zee@ getronics.com or visit www.ocaa.smartanglers.com

Quinte Fishing Series
Bass and walleye tournaments on the Bay of Quinte, with an end-of-season classic championship. Contact pthompsontourdir@hotmail.com, phone Peter Thompson at 613-967-1024, or go to www.quintefishing.com

Renegade Bass
A series of bass team and Pro/Am tournaments and an end-of-season classic. Contact info@renegadebass.com, phone Larry Hodgins, at 613-258-5323 or go to www.renegadebass.com

Southeastern Bass Open
Consists of 12 one-day bass tournaments in the Ottawa area. Open to the public. Contact laurentchaput@hotmail.com, phone Laurent Chaput at 613-797-6363, or visit ottawafishing.com (under links).

Strait Line Anglers
Holds one-day bass tournaments, as well as pike and walleye tournaments and steelhead and lake trout derbies in the Niagara/Hamilton area. Contact straitlineanglers@canoemail.com, phone Shane Thombs at 905-563-4221, or go to www.straitlineanglers.com

Temiskaming Smallmouth BassTournament Series
Seven bass and one walleye tournament and an end-of-season championship in northeastern Ontario. Contact bennie@ntl.sympatico.ca or phone John Henderson at 705-647-0010 (B) or 705-647-8486(H).

Top Bass Fishing Series
Includes walleye, bass, and combination bass/walleye tournaments in southern-Ontario lakes. Contact topbassfishing@sympatico.ca, phone Ted Gallone at 905-727-8496, or check www.topbass.ca