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The Boxer A Courageous Clown

The Boxer has a very distinctive personality that makes them extremely good family pets. They're antics can seem almost clownish at times, though they tend to be very protective when their territory is being invaded. The heavy jowls, doleful eyes and perky ears are among the physical features you'll notice about a Boxer, while the tendency toward joyful greetings and playfulness are the personality traits that tend to be most evident. The Boxer, sometimes called the German Boxer, originated in Germany as the result of breeding two German dogs that seem to be closely related to the mastiff. Bulldogs were later introduced into the line to produce the Boxer we know today. Until early in the 1900s, the Boxer lines were rather loose with breeding practices left solely to those raising these dogs.

The standard today calls for a fawn, brindle and/or red coat, a squared off body and thick neck, among other features. Depending on the breeder and the statutes of the region in which the breeder resides, tails may be docked and ears clipped. There were several purposes for the breed when it was being originated. One of the most-often cited was the use of Boxers as bull bait, but Boxers were also used as hunting dogs. The heavy body of the Boxer also made it ideal for pulling and some Boxers were put into service pulling carts for various purposes.

Somewhere during the history of the Boxer, someone discovered that these dogs could also be trained to herd, and they became fairly widely recognized as a herding dog. The same natural intelligence that made these multi-purpose dogs popular a century ago makes them excellent family pets today. They're quick to learn, though they do sometimes have a willful streak and may even sneak around in an effort to get their own way.

Patience will typically be rewarded with this breed and the Boxer is a quick study. That's made them coveted family pets, but also sought-after canines for obedience competition and even some rescue operations. Boxers tend to be rather large dogs and may weigh in at somewhere around 70 pounds. Their size, natural tendency toward protectiveness and their ability to learn quickly make them excellent choices as watchdogs. They can be very vocal, alerting your family of potential danger and anyone (or anything) presenting a threat of the potential to be tackled by a Boxer! Despite their size, these dogs can stay very agile and playful for many years.

As a rule, they love to play games and will usually be willing to play long after their people have tired out. The beauty is that they're usually willing to play anything - ball, Frisbee, fetch, tag or whatever game you can devise. The personality of this dog just can't be pent up. You'll find the he shows off all sorts of antics with no prompting, sometimes to convey a message ('I want to go outside to play') and other times simply to garner some attention. Those clownish acts are just one more way the Boxer will endear himself to his family.

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