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Terriers Tenacity Personality and Loyalty

The Terriers are a group of dogs with dozens of individual entrants. Most of these dogs have some common traits, including the fact that they're almost always tenacious at whatever task life has handed them. Terriers range from the very small to the very large, from those with rather snappish tendencies to the very tolerant. And there are even some that have little or no hair. The American Hairless Terrier is one of those with no hair.

Many adults weigh in at no more than six or seven pounds. They tend to have white or pink skin with spots just like a Rat Terrier would have, but with no hair. If you think that breeding these hairless Terriers to a haired dog is a good idea, think twice. The result is sometimes a dog that has random tufts of hair. The Black Russian Terriers are sometimes called Bear Schnauzers. The Schnauzer is among the direct ancestors of this breed that was created by the Soviets for use as a military dog.

The breed today has been standardized and is often used as a watch or guard dog. These Terriers grow to be well over 120 pounds, but are much more suited to indoor living than life in a kennel. Patterdale Terriers are smaller Terriers, usually only ten to twelve pounds. These dogs are usually calm - a trait not so common in Terriers. The breed is common to England, but not so well known around the world.

The West Highland Terrier - also known as the Westie - is the epitome of all things Terrier. These dogs are lively and alert, always anxious to be included in anything that's going on within his territory and ready to stick his nose into everyone else's activities. These little guys tend to like their people and simply exude the fact that they are secure in their rule over their part of the universe! Dandy Dinmont Terriers are very similar to the Westies in many ways. These dogs simply seem to take over any house where they feel comfortable and secure.

As is the case with most Terriers, they may be reserved with strangers or those who are not overly kind to them, but their people will never wonder if the Dandy Dinmont is happy to see them. The German Hunt Terrier exhibits one of the traits common to many Terriers. This little dog has the tenacity to run its game to ground, and a tail that will withstand the strain of a hunter pulling the dog from a hole! Many of the terriers were bred to hunt various game or vermin - the Rat Terrier, for example. Sometimes, the hunter had to pull these tenacious little dogs from the hole to keep them safe and to provide the hunter a clear shot at the prey.

The Terriers as a breed are as diverse as any in the canine world. These dogs range from extremely tolerant to reserved and serve many purposes. Whether you're hunting, taking an afternoon nap, romping in the park, throwing a stick in the water or tossing a Frisbee, the dog you're playing with may very well be one of the many Terriers that we call friend.

For more information on Terriers and other Popular, and not-so-popular breeds of dogs, visit The Terrier Dog Directory

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