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How to Get Energy Performance Certificates

A new legislation would be introduced in April 2008 under which all the commercial building involved that are ready for sale or for rent and are above 500sqm would require an Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate would rate the building in terms of its energy performance and would also make some proposal by which they can make further improvements. This Energy Performance Certificates are beneficial for the environment as it would keep a tab on the carbon pollutants emitted from a particular building. At the same time it is useful for these many business houses also as it would help in conserving energy and in turn help in increasing the profits of the company. For obtaining Energy Performance Certificates you need to employ an accredited EPC specialist. Only they have the liberty to give an Energy Performance Certificate.

You can contact Wilbourn Associates for this purpose. They are the top environment consultants and have a team of EPC professional working for them. These professional can help you to obtain your certificate easily and would provide you with proper assistance. The Energy Performance assessors appointed by you would survey the location. During the survey he would consider various factors that are responsible or affects the energy performance of the company such as the air conditioning system, lighting, wall insulation and roof insulation and such other factors. After the inspection, the data collected during the survey would be fed into the computer.

The computer would evaluate this data and present a report based on the data. The report carries the rating given to the building. This rating given to the building can range from A to G.

if your building is rated as good then you would be given an A which means that it highly efficient regarding the energy performance. However, if you get a G then it means that the building's energy performance is very poor and inefficient. In such a circumstance you would be provided some advice also which would help you to make some changes to improve the energy performance of the building. By making the advised changes you may be able to obtain the Energy Performance Certificate. The Energy Performance Certificates are provided on the basis of this rating. The builder needs to obtain this certificate and display it as well.

In case you are selling the building to some one then the Energy Performance Certificate should be given to the new owner of the building. The commercial buildings that are below 500 sq. m. do not need Energy Performance Certificate. Sheds and temporary building also don't require this certificate.

If you need more assistance regarding the Energy Performance Certificate then you can contact the Wilbourn Associates who would try to provide you with the best possible assistance. You can visit www.environmental-surveyors.com to know more about this certificate.

Jason Gardner is a well known author who writes articles for Wilbourn Associates, the UK's leading resource for Chartered Environmental Land Consultants, Remediation Management Services and provider of Energy Performance Cerificates. For more information please visit www.environmental-surveyors.com.

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