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Global Warming US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Mayor Greg Nickels was serving his second term in Seattle when the Kyoto Protocol went into effect. He was concerned that the US should do something, and, failing that, that he should do what he could. He devised a plan to enlist other US Mayors to make the changes that were needed to reduce global warming. A letter and an endorsement agreement were sent out.

Mayors across the country had the chance to accept entrance into this group. The letter was sent out on March 30, 2005, and the acceptances soon started pouring in. Mayors, it seemed, did want to do something about global warming. Sometimes, it is amazing what one person can do.

What is even more amazing is how people from all over a large nation such as the US can come together for a single purpose. With cooperation like this, there will be great strides in preventing global warming. Celebrities weigh in on global warming There is one project designed to help people become more informed about and involved with global warming. The venture is called Global Cool, and its lofty goal is to get one billion people to lower the levels of carbon emissions they put into the environment. Celebrities involved with this global warming initiative include Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pink.

Some bands have also joined the fight. Each day more and more actors are getting involved in the stop global warming movement, too. Brad Pitt is the narrator of a series on green architecture. The shows discuss ways to build that will help the environment.

Al Gore, aside from his Vice Presidency and his Presidential aspirations, has earned a certain amount of celebrity himself. With the release of his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Gore has entered the limelight in a new way. He appears to be trying to use his status and fame to influence people to aid in the fight against global warming.

Global warming is responsible for many climate changes. Often, people cause the increase in global warming that precipitates these changes. If people could make it a common goal to cut down on activities that promote global warming, the earth would be a much more stable environment.

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